Everyone Starts at 1

Call it an idea, or a hint of inspiration or something that has been floating around in your head for some time. It could be born because of frustration, or because the last game you played ticked 85% of the boxes you wanted it to tick or maybe just because you’ve always wanted to make your mark in a world that has mades it’s mark with you.  We are aware that getting a thought down on paper can be as difficult as nailing jelly to a wall, and sometimes you want someone to tell it to, share your thoughts and potentially help make those first steps to make an idea a reality.

Roll Sixes can help you navigate your idea from thought, to paper, to prototype and beyond.

Or Roll a 2 and Move forward..

You’ve gone from ideas to paper. You’ve spent hours cutting out paper and sticking it onto card. You’ve put sticky labels on dice and stolen miniatures to put into your game. You’ve thought about rule books and a name and whether or not to take it out into the world. You might be thinking about more playtesting, or whether to spend more time in the house working on perfecting those crinkles and creases that still annoy you. You’re at the point where you’re ready to start to get the name out there, and you have no idea what to do first.

Roll Sixes can help you take those whispers and turn it into noise, and educate you through the process to help you understand how to get the most out of those important first steps in building a brand.